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Mosaic Public Partners bring higher levels of innovation and client collaboration to the tried-and-true principles of executive search. Using private sector technologies and search methodologies, squarely within the constraints of the public sector, allows us to deliver an improved client experience and better results. 


We are seasoned public sector executives who have profound respect for the work of public agencies. We are passionate about placing today’s public leaders, which enables public agencies to deliver exemplary leadership to their constituents. 





Types of Positions


Public Agencies

Today’s public sector leadership teams thrive when they are diverse in background and thought.  Mosaic Public Partners is here to assist, guide and lead in that endeavor. 

Mosaic Approach

Mosaic Public Partners provides a client-focused, customized approach to every search.  We create an open, transparent, and interactive search process for both our clients and candidates. 

We will be your partners from start to finish.  Public service is the world in which we've lived and we understand local government and the importance of accountability and responsiveness.

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