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Mosaic Public Partners acknowledges and appreciates that public agencies have a choice in who they hire to perform their executive search. Building upon this experience, Mosaic Public Partners continues to form new partnerships and is positioned to place today's public sector executives and leaders. 

Mosaic Approach

Placing today’s public leaders is our mission.  Aligning the right candidates with the right opportunities helps our clients to build effective teams.  We enjoy building relationships with the people involved in our searches, whether it's the candidates, hiring managers, team members or stakeholders.  Establishing meaningful connections with those involved in our search process is the basis from which we derive our success as a trusted partner and client-focused search firm.

Client Focused

Mosaic Public Partners provides a client-focused, customized approach to every search.  We create an open, transparent, and interactive search process for both our clients and candidates.  As a small firm we remain highly responsive to client needs and objectives, along with being personally available during the search process.  Honest communication, collaboration and connecting with people are key components in a successful search.  At Mosaic Public Partners we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, agility and responsiveness.  We tailor our workload so that we can be readily available to assist with all elements of the search process for our clients and candidates alike.

Our use of innovative technology allows our clients unparalleled real-time access and visibility of the search process.  Our commitment is that our clients have a 360 degree view of all elements of their recruitment at any time.  We are proud to bring private sector technology to our public sector searches to make them as efficient and transparent as possible for our clients.

Trusted Partners

Our founding partners are two former public sector executives, each with exemplary service careers.  We understand local government and the importance of accountability and responsiveness.  Our combined career histories exemplify professionalism and a dedication to public service, along with a keen understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader in a public sector environment.  Leveraging their public service careers, our founding partners became experienced executive search consultants, bringing with them a continued dedication to public service and an ethical, confidential, and discrete approach to assisting public agencies in the executive search process.  Mosaic Public Partners is your trusted partner in placing today’s public leaders.

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