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Bryan Noblett spent over 34 years working as a public safety leader in the Greater Sacramento Region. The majority of his career was spent working in leadership and executive level roles. Bryan placed a strong focus on staff development and on ensuring his organization was responsive to community needs throughout his career. He possesses a strong commitment to customer service and worked diligently as a municipal government executive to ensure his organization was focused on partnering with the community it served. In addition, Bryan is well-versed in labor negotiations and working collaboratively with labor groups to achieve successful outcomes. Bryan’s passion for leadership development, talent assessment and public service led him to accept a position with a nationally recognized public sector search firm shortly after his retirement. Bryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and has attended a number of prestigious professional development courses.

As a long time contributor to city executive teams, Bryan possesses a thorough understanding of all areas of public sector leadership. He spent the last 2 years partnering with municipal clients and communities across the country by assisting them in recruiting talented leaders to serve as Police Chiefs, City Managers, Chief Financial Officers and other executive-level leadership positions. Bryan deeply values his connections with people, which has led to several outstanding placements and ongoing relationships with clients and candidates alike.


Founder and Managing Partner


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