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For the better part of a decade, Mr. Nelson has led a successful executive search practice for a national search firm. In his role, Mr. Nelson has successfully recruited public sector executives on a national scale for a diverse array of field and positions. His work has included positions with intense community interest, high levels of stakeholder involvement, and those with political sensitivities.

In the first twenty years of his career, Mr. Nelson served leadership roles in municipal government where he was known for his progressive and principled leadership. Under his tenure, the City increased employee engagement, citizen satisfaction (amongst the highest in a national survey), and made drastic improvements in the labor-management climate. He created public-private partnerships that allowed for superior levels of service during budget shortfalls, while enhancing relationships with stakeholders in the community. Additionally, he has provided expert testimony for state and local legislative bodies. Mr. Nelson was a co-founder of a municipal Human Rights Committee, engaging businesses and citizens in workshops and community dialogue on diversity and social equity issues, in and out of the workplace.

Mr. Nelson holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Illinois-Springfield with a graduate certificate in Public Sector Labor Relations.

As a founder of Mosaic Public Partners, Mr. Greg Nelson leverages decades of experience in the public sector with many years of successful experience leading executive searches for a variety of client roles across the nation.


Founder and Managing Partner


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