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Director of Parks and Recreation

Director of Parks and Recreation

Sugar Land, TX, USA

Sugar Land, TX, USA

City of Sugar Land

Greg Nelson and Bryan Noblett


Lead Recruiter

Director of Parks and Recreation

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Award-winning Sugar Land, Texas seeks a dynamic and inspirational Director who can “next level” its Parks and Recreation Department.


In the heart of Sugar Land, a city pulsating with vibrancy and growth, governance takes on a trailblazing form. In Sugar Land, governance isn't just about managing; it's about trailblazing. It's about harnessing the collective energy of a diverse workforce, mobilizing resources with precision, and navigating the complex terrain of urban administration with unparalleled vision. As the city strides confidently into the future, it does so not as a follower but as a pioneer—a trailblazer setting the standard for municipalities far and wide.

Amidst this dynamic landscape, 20 City Departments stand as pillars of progress, each a crucial conduit of community service and development. Among these, the Parks and Recreation Department stands out as a beacon of leisure, wellness, and communal vitality. Whether that’s the way parks provide gathering spaces to spend time with those you care most about; entertainment and activities that bring joy and excitement to your life; programming that celebrates you on your best days and provides you community on your worst; and neighborhood facilities that are critical to a house feeling like a home.


In the dynamic tapestry of Sugar Land's community, the Parks and Recreation Department emerges as a trailblazer, delivering unparalleled experiences and enriching the lives of its residents. With a commitment to excellence ingrained in its very essence, this department stands as a beacon of innovation and service.

Spanning a vast landscape of 2,455 acres, adorned with 27 meticulously crafted parks and over 35 miles of winding trails, Sugar Land's outdoor sanctuaries offer a haven for exploration and recreation. Complemented by five vibrant community centers, two state-of-the-art recreation centers, and a sparkling municipal swimming pool, the department's facilities serve as focal points of communal engagement and wellness. Structured for success, the department operates through two dynamic divisions: Recreation and Events, and Development and Maintenance. Each division, under the adept guidance of an Assistant Director, orchestrates a symphony of activities and initiatives aimed at fostering community cohesion and vitality.

Empowered by a recently approved FY 2024 budget of $6.2 million and supported by a dedicated team of 38 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees, the Parks and Recreation Department is primed to elevate its offerings to unprecedented heights. With a spirit of innovation at its core and a steadfast dedication to serving the community, this department paves the way for a brighter, more vibrant future in Sugar Land.


The ideal candidate for the position of Director of Parks and Recreation will embody a unique blend of traits and experiences, each essential for steering this department toward continued success and innovation. Some of the qualities sought are a strong and passionate leader, not only for the parks and recreation department employees, but also on the City’s leadership team, and in the community; a teamwork orientation and ability to build and support strong and effective teams by providing mentorship and investing in the development of departmental leadership; a candidate who is forward thinking, risk taking and a coach to staff that will create an innovative and inspirational vision for Sugar Land’s parks and recreation programming; and a self-motivated individual with an infectious, can-do attitude.


The preferred way to obtain the minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential duties and responsibilities of this position are listed below.  The City reserves the right to allow substitutions in the event that a candidate or incumbent exceeds requirements in one area but may be deficient in another.

  • Education: A Bachelor’s degree in Parks or Recreation Management, Public Administration, Business Administration, or a related field from an accredited school or university. A Master’s degree is highly desirable.

  • Experience: Seven years of experience in parks, recreation, or other public administrative work, with a minimum of four years of supervisory and management experience in such areas. Municipal experience is preferred.


The anticipated starting salary for the Parks and Recreation Director is between $120,390 and $180,627, depending on qualifications.  Sugar Land also offers great benefits and perks available on your first day of employment, including: City-subsidized health benefits; life and disability insurance; a variety of voluntary benefits; 6 weeks of paid parental leave for new/growing families; a robust pension plan with TMRS; flexible schedules and work from home opportunities; a down-to-earth casual environment and dress code; and a positive team-oriented culture stemming from a long-term commitment to innovation and inclusion.  You can even bring your dog and/or cat to work if they have a solid understanding of office decorum.


To be considered for this position, interested candidates must submit a cover letter and résumé below no later than Monday, April 22, 2024.

References will not be contacted until mutual interest has been established. Confidential inquiries are welcomed to:

Greg Nelson | | (916) 550-4100

Bryan Noblett | | (916) 550-4100

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