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APPLY NOW - Chief of Police - City of Novato, CA

The City of Novato offers an outstanding career opportunity to law enforcement leaders who are looking to make a lasting impact in an engaged, active community and organization. Given the extremely high level of community support in Novato for its Police Department, the next Chief of Police will have a cornerstone opportunity to create a unique policing dynamic that will positively impact the quality of life for all in Novato. Novato is the northernmost city in Marin County, California, and is located approximately 29 miles north of San Francisco and 37 miles northwest of Oakland. Novato covers 28 square miles and has a population of approximately 53,000. Novato has a rural atmosphere largely because of its low population density and the high amount of open space and parks in and near the city.

Learn more about this Northern California city at and their Police Department at

Deadline to apply is Monday, July 24th!

Contact Bryan Noblett at or Greg Nelson at for more information or call at (916) 550-4100 to express an interest in or to discuss this position.

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