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APPLY NOW - City Clerk - City of Sugar Land, TX

In award-winning Sugar Land, Texas, the position of City Clerk entails more than just managing records and ensuring compliance with laws and procedures. It involves finding innovative solutions to enhance transparency, efficiency, and public engagement within municipal government. 

In Sugar Land, governance isn't just about managing; it's about trailblazing. It's about harnessing the collective energy of a diverse workforce, mobilizing resources with precision, and navigating the complex terrain of urban administration with unparalleled vision. As the city strides confidently into the future, it does so not as a follower but as a pioneer — a trailblazer setting the standard for municipalities far and wide. 

Entrusted with the responsibility of preserving the city's official records, the City Clerk's mandate extends far beyond mere compliance with statutes and ordinances — it embodies a commitment to excellence and innovation that sets Sugar Land apart as a beacon of good governance.  

Learn more about the City of Sugar Land at and the Parks and the Department of Legal & Government Services at

Review the detailed recruitment brochure and apply at  Application deadline is Monday, May 20, 2024!

Contact Greg Nelson at or Bryan Noblett at for more information or call at (916) 550-4100 to express an interest in this position.

Check our Careers page at or connect with Mosaic Public Partners on LinkedIn at to stay informed of this and other upcoming career opportunities.




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