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COMING SOON - Finance Director - City of Orange, CA

The City of Orange is seeking its next Finance Director. Are you a municipal finance professional looking to advance your career and lead a finance department or are you aspiring to work for a larger agency? If this sounds like you, then stay tuned!

The City of Orange has experienced significant growth since its incorporation in 1888 yet managed to maintain the small-town values upon which it was founded. More than 140,000 residents live in the 27 square miles that make up the City of Orange today. Orange’s regionally strategic location makes it easy and efficient to move people and products throughout the Southern California marketplace. The City has a healthy mix of prime office, residential, and industrial space. Companies in all economic sectors, from financial services to health care, and retail trade to construction, recognize the advantages Orange has to offer.

The City is fortunate to have a history of being fiscally, organizationally, and politically stable. Orange is also known for having a very positive organizational culture. Learn more about their Finance Department at and the City of Orange at

Contact Greg Nelson at or Bryan Noblett at for more information or call at (916) 550-4100 to express an interest in this position.

Check our Careers page at or connect with Mosaic Public Partners on LinkedIn at to stay informed of this and other upcoming career opportunities.




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