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COMING SOON - Finance Director - Downey, CA

The City of Downey, CA is seeking their next Finance Director. The City of Downey, home to more than 113,000 residents in 12.41 square miles, is a diverse and dynamic community in the heart of Los Angeles County, approximately 15 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, and 5 miles from Orange County.

The City prides itself in being a full-service municipal organization with over 800 employees providing an array of services including police, fire protection, emergency medical services, water distribution, library services, and parks and recreational facilities.

Residents in Downey are able to enjoy nationally-recognized schools, numerous well-kept parks, and various amenities, including a regional mall, major shopping and business centers, the Downey Theatre, Downey Library and the Colombia Memorial Space Center. Downey is a wonderful community where individuals, families and businesses are proud to live, work, and play.

Learn more about the City of Downey at

Contact Greg Nelson at or Bryan Noblett at for more information or call at (916) 550-4100 to express an interest in or discuss this position.

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