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COMING SOON - Recreation and Arts Director - City of Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, a world-renowned city ideally located on the beautiful Southern California coast, seeks a Recreation and Arts Director to lead their newly formed department and to provide visionary leadership as the community emerges from the pandemic. The next Director will have a hallmark career opportunity to assist the city in recapturing and reimagining the delivery of recreation services, along with ensuring arts and culture are embedded in this highly engaged and frequently visited community.

The City of Santa Monica is a beautiful beachfront community of 8.3 square miles, but with a significantly large feel and impact. Home to some 91,000 residents, Santa Monica has earned an international reputation as a progressive and forward-thinking municipality well known for its high quality of life, innovative programs and service delivery, a highly engaged citizenry, along with a strong commitment to social and economic diversity, fair housing, the arts, and sustainability.

Learn more about this exciting city at and their arts, culture and recreation offerings at

Contact Bryan Noblett at or Greg Nelson at for more information or call at (916) 550-4100 to express an interest in or to discuss this position.

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