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APPLY NOW - Director of Parks and Recreation - City of Sugar Land, TX

Award-winning Sugar Land, Texas seeks a dynamic and inspirational Director of Parks and Recreation who can “next level” its Parks and Recreation Department. 

In the heart of Sugar Land, a city pulsating with vibrancy and growth, governance takes on a trailblazing form. In Sugar Land, governance isn't just about managing; it's about trailblazing. It's about harnessing the collective energy of a diverse workforce, mobilizing resources with precision, and navigating the complex terrain of urban administration with unparalleled vision. As the city strides confidently into the future, it does so not as a follower but as a pioneer — a trailblazer setting the standard for municipalities far and wide. 

Amidst this dynamic landscape, 20 City Departments stand as pillars of progress, each a crucial conduit of community service and development. Among these, the Parks and Recreation Department stands out as a beacon of leisure, wellness, and communal vitality. Whether that’s the way parks provide gathering spaces to spend time with those you care most about; entertainment and activities that bring joy and excitement to your life; programming that celebrates you on your best days and provides you community on your worst; and neighborhood facilities that are critical to a house feeling like a home. 

Learn more about the City of Sugar Land at and the Parks and Recreation Department at

Review the position brochure and apply at as the application deadline is Monday, April 22, 2024!

Contact Greg Nelson at or Bryan Noblett at for more information or call at (916) 550-4100 to express an interest in or to discuss this position.

Check our Careers page at or connect with Mosaic Public Partners on LinkedIn at to stay informed of this and other upcoming career opportunites.




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